Who Will Play Steve Cohen In Martin Scorsese’s Upcoming Wall Street Tragicomedy?

One look at the chart below from the NYT, and a pattern emerges.

However, we are not sure which is the correct pattern:

  1. Either SAC, or whatever it will be called soon, has some truly impressive hiring hurdles and an even more impressive background check company , or
  2. Slowly but surely the investigation around Steve Cohen – just as we first suggested in November 2010 when nobody dared to mention in print that the invincible “information arbitrageur” was merely a two-bit insider trading hack who used “expert networks” and got lucky for so long he had an “economic war chest of scale” and an army of lawyers- is closing.

If 2, our question is who will play Stevie in the inevitable upcoming (Oscar-nominated) Martin Scorsese tragicomedy about the excesses of the 3 and 50 hedge fund bubble.


via Zero Hedge http://ift.tt/1o1pNE6 Tyler Durden

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