A.M. Links: Hillary Clinton’s Advice to Women in Politics, Federal Judge Strikes Down Virginia’s Gay Marriage Ban, Ron Wyden Hints at Support for Rand Paul’s NSA Lawsuit

  • Hillary Clinton told college students that the
    most important tip she could offer women in public life was to

    grow thicker skin
    . What difference does it make?
  • A federal judge
    struck down
    Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage as
    unconstitutional, because it denies gay couples a fundamental
    freedom to marry. 
  • Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.)
    in interview set to air today that he supports for Sen.
    Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) lawsuit against President Obama and the
    National Security Agency. Now that’s bipartisanship.

  • One in five people
    who signed up for health insurance under
    Obamacare failed to pay their premiums on time and therefore did
    not receive coverage in January. You can take a horse to
  • The majority of Americans favor
    U.S. relations with Cuba, according to new polling
    data. What America needs now is a cigar.
  • Two publications have
    sued Colorado
    in federal court over the state’s restrictions on
    advertising recreational marijuana.

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