Is There a Libertarian Case for Electing Mitch McConnell?

The Daily Caller‘s W. James Antle III
thinks so. From his article

There is…a libertarian Republican case to be made for
McConnell. First, he has always been a fairly conservative member
of the leadership team. Protecting free political speech against
campaign finance reform laws has always been one of his main
causes. That’s not exactly a statist position.

Numerous reports have suggested McConnell has laid the
groundwork for Obamacare repeal if Republicans retake the Senate,
even though his differences with Cruz have made conservatives
skeptical. After the Supreme Court upheld the health care law,
McConnell was said to be on board with unwinding it via the
reconciliation process.

McConnell is also the Republican leader who has been most swayed
by Rand Paul’s success. The two men made peace after the 2010
primary. McConnell appeared in the 2012 Republican National
Convention video tribute to the junior senator’s father,
presidential candidate Ron Paul.

the whole thing here.

I think Antle is correct that Senate Minority Leader McConnell
has been wowed by Rand Paul’s success (recall that McConnell tried
to kneecap Paul’s Senate run) and is now effectively taking all his
cues from the Bluegrass State’s junior senator.

By the same token, from a libertarian angle, McConnell is a
pretty freaking great example of just about everything that is
wrong with politics. He spends money and eats pork when
it behooves him
, he loves him the state and the
military-industrial complex and so much more. Here’s a
summary of his record
, where libertarian-compliant votes are
seriously outnumbered by bad ones.

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