Boston Marathon Winner Is American Immigrant, Eric Holder Expects More Clemency for Drug Offenders, Ukraine Says Photos Prove Russian Meddling: P.M. Links

  • The first person to cross the finish line at the
    Boston Marathon is Meb Keflezighi, an American immigrant from
    Ethiopia. He’s the first American citizen to win
    since 1983
  • Presumably coming down from a 4/20 buzz, Attorney General Eric
    Holder announced that the Justice Department is setting more

    lenient guidelines
    for drug offenders and anticipates
    “receiv[ing] thousands of additional applications for
  • Ukrainian officials claim that they possess photographic
    that the militant separatists in the east are undercover
    Russian troops.
  • The Boy Scouts of America revoked one Seattle troop’s charter
    after finding out that their leader
    is gay
  • America’s hobbling economy is forcing more people to live with
    their parents, but it’s not just those recent college debt slaves:
    the number of
    middle-aged people
    moving back home is surging.
  • First Lady Michelle Obama today waxed philosophical on food.
    “How would you appreciate vegetables if you never
    had chocolate?” Her wisdom is that “splurging is the key to

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