Powerful Storm Could Cover Millions In US East With Snow 

Powerful Storm Could Cover Millions In US East With Snow 

Meteorologists are monitoring weather models that show a powerful storm might unleash thunderstorms, torrential rains, and snow across two dozen states in the central and eastern US this weekend. 

AccuWeather meteorologists say a storm in the central Rockies will move into the southern and central Plains, developing a new area of low pressure on Friday. At the same time, cold air from the Rockies and northern Plains will collide, and humid air from the Gulf of Mexico will spark powerful thunderstorms. 

Folks in eastern Texas into Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and western Tennessee should be on watch for dangerous thunderstorms on Saturday. 

Focusing on what readers are most interested in: There’s a significant possibility of heavy snowfall across the Midwest to the interior Northeast. 

“This storm will interact with cold air on the northwest side of the storm,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Joe Bauer said.

Bauer noted, “If the cold air can move in quickly enough, we could be looking at a zone of impactful snow from the Midwest and up through the Great Lakes Saturday into Sunday.”

It’s still too early to determine the storm’s track and where the heaviest snow falls. However, AccuWeather meteorologists said to keep an eye on “places such as Chicago and Detroit.” 

In a separate report, Ryan Maue, a meteorologist and former NOAA chief scientist, wrote in a post on X, “Next major winter storm dialed for Sun/Mon with narrow band of heavy snowfall … but uncertainly about where it lines up e.g. St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit? Who knows.” 

As for the East Coast cities, like Washington, DC, New York City, and Boston, meteorologists are convinced that temperatures will stay above freezing and any precipitation will be in the form of rain. 

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