Owens wins mayor's race in Senoia

Senoia voters have elected Councilman Larry Owens as the city’s next mayor.

The Nov. 5 mayoral election saw Owens competing with Senoia Downtown Development Authority Chairman Suzanne Helfman and retiree Don Rehman.

Of the 500 ballots cast, the unofficial results showed Owens with 256 votes, Helfman with 209 votes and Rehman with 34. Those numbers gave Owens 51.03 percent of the vote while Helfman received 41.84 percent.

Coweta County Elections Supervisor Jane Scoggins said the only votes outstanding were the provisional ballots which numbered few than 10.

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via The Citizen http://www.thecitizen.com/articles/11-05-2013/owens-wins-mayors-race-senoia

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