Baltic Dry Bear Market Index

As much as we loathe saying “we told you so” – especially when it relates to highlighting the fallacious bullshit of one James Cramer – the truth is that just 3 weeks ago we pointed out the fact that the Baltic Dry Index was being heralded as proof of China’s (and therefore the world’s great recovery) was a mistake. At the time, we noted the temporary nature of the move and now forward markets indicated it was not sustainable; and of course, were met with a chorus of deniers. Well, following a 4.4% decline today, the Baltic Dry Index has now plunged over 20% from its recent peak (and the more crucial Capesize container rates even more) as underlying demand simply cannot keep pace with the massive (overbuilt) ship glut that remains. Added to this is the apparent ‘tightening’ stance by the PBOC that we have been noting and we suspect, as we warned, the 2011 deja vus will be clear.



Chart: Bloomberg


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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