Average Job Creation "Cost" In 2013: $553,000

There was a time when the Fed’s QE was, at least on paper, supposed to generate jobs (the broad inflation will come on its own, in due course). After all, the prospect of injecting $85 billion in liquidity into a market with the sole goal of pushing the stock markets that benefit the purchasing power of about 10% of the population would hardly have received broad approval even by the co-opted Congress.

So, to all those who still naively claim Fed is not the sole reason for the market’s relentless march higher, those billions in liquidity must go into the economy, and specifically into job creation, right?

As a result, we decided to back into what the average private sector job has ended up costing the US population in pure dollar terms (which in turn ultimately manifests itself in terms of unsustainable government debt and pent up inflation) via the Fed’s monetary pathway. Well, according to the ADP data released earlier, in which a paltry 130K private sector jobs were created in a month in which the Fed, as always, injected $85 billion, the bottom line came to a whopping $654K per job (since government jobs are always a net drain, we exclude those from the calculation). And taking the average job growth throughout 2013, this number, as can be seen on the chart below, is a laughter-inducing $553K!

Obviously, the above “analysis” is merely a placeholder to show just how absurd modern policy has become, and yes – we do realize that all of that money has ended up solely into capital markets boosting risk assets, as we have been saying since 2009 and as JPM, Pimco and BlackRock now admit.

However, since the next and final tool in the Fed’s arsenal is Nominal GDP targeting on the back of direct monetary injections whose purpose is to unanchor inflationary expectations, crush savers, and take the wealth effect to the next level (as we predicted would happen recently), perhaps instead of pretending QE even remotely works on the economy, Bernanke can finally make it rain, and just hand over half a million each month to every man, woman and child… and just brace for the Weimar collapse that would inevitable follow.


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