Wall Street Code Released

VPRO Backlight has just released the documentary we did with them earlier this year.  Wall Street Code is about the blatant and planned fixing of, specifically, the US financial markets.  After meeting with Haim Bodek and being introduced by him to the guys at Sang Lucci, we decided to ban together and contact Marije.  The following is a culmination of that initial meeting and the specials skills possessed by the journalists at VPRO.  @DirtyAutomatik aka Bryan Wiener who was Haim Bodek’s head trader and makes a special appearance worth noting.  Look for Bryan to join me over on BTFDtv.com on this coming Sunday to talk special order types and order book manipulation.



via Zero Hedge http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/zerohedge/feed/~3/JK3nuuRYNIU/story01.htm CalibratedConfidence

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