Highest Conviction Hedge Fund Exposure By Asset Class

Curious where the “hedge fund hotel” is currently located, for both most loved and hated asset classes? The following table shows both the penthouse and the basement of the most recent groupthink, which not surprisingly, indicates that hedge funds, which have simply become highly-levered momentum and beta chasers, are most bullish on the Nasdaq, and offsetting this, are most bearish on 10 Year notes. Of course, since the bulk of the very highly levered marginal cash (for those who haven’t seen it, Balyasny’s leverage chart is a stunning eye opener) is already deployed, all that remains now is the profit-taking, and as such anyone who wishes to take advantage of the inevitable and recurring hedge fund hotel collapse would be advised to put on a short Nasdaq, long 10Y pair on and await the unraveling.

Source: SocGen


via Zero Hedge http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/zerohedge/feed/~3/4OuJJUy2SQg/story01.htm Tyler Durden

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