Emerging in early 2010, when it became quite clear that the stock market will never have a sustained decline under Bernanke’s central planning (since validated three years later, when even the tiniest drop in the “market”, if not Bernanke’s balance sheet, is bought with unprecedented fury and excitement) the term BTFD became the staple mantra of traders 5 year old (or younger, or older) everywhere.

Unfortunately, now that the BOJ has joined in the Fed’s liquidity tsunami fray (with rumors that it will expand its monthly monetizations as soon as early 2014, and with the ECB hinting it too will start monetizing debt shortly), the D in the BTFD no longer exists for the simple reason that the S&P is now a straight line exponentially higher (on strong fundamentals according to financial comedy tv no less). Perhaps that is why as the following Google Trends chart shows, we can now wave goodbye to BTFD and replace it with our own humorous creation to explain Bernanke’s “market” – BTFATH.

We are confident that the logical question of just what comes after BTFATH will be answered promptly.


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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