Whining for Wine

In a few years’ time we might all be whining because there is no more water left in the world apparently. That’s because according to the World Economic Forum “we are now on the verge of water bankruptcy in many places around the world, with no clear way of repaying the debt”. But, if there’s one thing that the world will not be able to put up with, it’s the growing fear that we will actually run out of wine! Whatever will the banksters do then to celebrate their earnings and what will the traders be drinking to jubilate over their growing bubble on the stock exchanges around the world? We could all be whining over the shortage of wine in the years to come. How are we going to drown our sorrows when the bubbles burst yet again? Turning to drink takes on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it with the price of wines set to increase like never before?

Shortage of wine in the world is getting worse according to a survey carried out by Morgan Stanley Research. If we compare 2012’s figures for supply and demand, then there was only just enough wine to cover demand for that year. The report stated: “Data suggests there may be insufficient supply to meet demand in coming years, as current vintages are released”.

Global wine production has been on the up since the late 1990s and there was only a very short period at the start of the financial crisis when consumption fell (between 2008 and 2009). Otherwise it has always been on the increase.

Global Wine Consumption

Global Wine Consumption
  • The US and China are to blame as they have increased their consumption over recent years.
  • The US now accounts for 12% of global consumption.
  • The US has doubled consumption within the last decade.
  • China has doubled consumption every two and a half years over the past five years.
  • China is the 5th importer in the world in terms of wine.
  • Wine consumption has increased by almost 4% since 2007 around the world.
  • The wine sector will have a total value of $306.6 billion by the year 2016.
  • This alone represents an increase of 17.9% by comparison with figures of 2011.
  • The US will consume 400 million cases of wine in 2016 and China will be doing exactly the same.
  • Global wine production is hardly able to keep pace with the growing demand that is being experienced in the sector.
  • France has decreased its land that is dedicated to wine-growing (from 11.6% (2001) of world total to 10.6% in 2012) since it was largely unprofitable. That looks set to change however.
  • Global Wine Production

Global Wine Production

All of that could be good news for the EU since 60% of the world’s wine is still produced there. They could do with gaining the benefits from their wine, rather than just drowning their sorrows, downing a swift one morning, noon and night and three times on Sundays.

Wine might just be the place to invest in the coming years. Or at least, get the bottle in why you can. They might not be around much longer. Can you imagine we would have wine queues and people would be on the wineline?Breadlines? Never heard of them!

Wine - A thing of the past?

Wine – A thing of the past?

Glorifying and extolling the benefits of drinking wine in hallowed ritualization will become a thing of the past, won’t it if we run out of wine in the world? Painting the town red and kick up one’s heels will be what people did in yesteryears. Drinking a pint of milk down the pub with your colleagues just isn’t going have the same ring about it, is it? Well, probably wouldn’t be able to do that either. Milk is too expensive, these days.

Crack open a bottle of whatever you can get your hands on!


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