Only 14% Of Global Companies Plan To Add Workers In 2014

Over three years after current Warburg Pincus Managing Director and former US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner welcomed everyone to the recovery, here is where we stand: “According to Markit, optimism is improving among developed economies while emerging markets still show low levels of confidence. Subdued expectations about future activity have led to restrained hiring plans. On net, only 14% of companies worldwide expect to add employees.” And just in the U.S. this number is 19%. Per the WSJ: “Companies continue to fret about further disruptions from unresolved fiscal issues, and are still particularly cautious about committing to hiring in this uncertain environment,” says Chris Williamson, Markit’s chief economist. That is all.

What was left unsaid is how many of the 14% of companies planning on growing are in the Bernanke bubble benefiting FIRE industry. We’ll go with a bold guess here and say, all of them.


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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