It’ll Snow-den in Time for Xmas

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Yes, it will Snow-den after all in time for Xmas perhaps this year and it will be white all around from the fall-out as the bomb hits. Edward Snowden has recently revealed that he has a secret cache of ‘doomsday’ material that will blow the world apart and the US in particular. Oh, please let it Snow on ‘em before Xmas! The National Security Agency and British Intelligence have both made unofficial comments saying that they are indeed worried about the classified material that Snowden has encrypted and stored on a data cloud. Aren’t they able to access it the poor things?

Snowden’s Doomsday

Doomsday from Snowden?

According to the Guardian newspaper that has been the mouthpiece of Edward Snowden from the very beginning, there is information concerning intelligence personnel names in both the USA and in the rest of the world as well as current former US officials. People that were informed have also been listed in the data. Apparently, Snowden has played the boys at the NSA at their own game and has encrypted the information with multiple passwords and a sophisticated form of encryption. So, it is possible to protect something so well that nobody (not even the NSA) can get their peeping-Tom eyes on it? Why didn’t they do it before? The question hardly needs answering as we all know that everybody was in on the act.

It’ll be Doomsday for Christmas from Snowden this year, but it’s not certain that Santa got that on his list when the NSA sent in their letter to the North Pole, via Russia. The passwords are in the hands of three different people and they change regularly, while remaining open for a very short time-slot each day. All very secretive and sounds like either a sect or a religion, or the Coca-Cola story. Maybe Snowden has the perfect recipe for make things go pop. If he gets arrested, caught or worse, then those three have the task of making the information available to the public.

Whether or not the cache actually exists, the NSA has declined to comment and so has British Intelligence (Government Communications Headquarters or GCHQ). Whatever happens, it is most certainly Snowden’s insurance of protection from being bumped off. Remember the men in black can do whatever they like apparently. According to Obama administration officials, Snowden has enough material to keep the papers going for another two years. He has somewhere between 50 and 200 thousand documents that have been downloaded in his possession. According to estimates, there have been only some 500 documents that have actually been made public to date.

Just the tip of the iceberg.

The NSA and GCHQ had better listen up if they don’t want that top-secret information being revealed. Maybe if the names of spies are on the documents as Snowden has stated, then they will start to become more open to discussion. Snowden just got bargaining power.

Forgotten Snowden

Edward Snowden may be forgotten by the start of 2014 as other things take over our minds and the mainstream media starts to drop him from their pages.

Snowden shouldn’t be dropped and we should make sure that we still care about what the NSA and British Intelligence forces did to our rights as citizens in countries that were supposed to leave us with a minimum of privacy instead of violating that and selling it on to others. We should still care, but how many will still believe that Snowden was a traitor to his country because he told the truth? How many would have preferred not to know? How many will say ‘I knew it all along’?

There are few out there in the world that will actually stand up and shout that yes Snowden admitted what we should have been told long ago. Stop violating our rights. But by January he’ll be just a voice from the past. We will have moved on to greater, more interesting things like the post-festive season sales and how many people are spending the money they don’t actually have (including the US government). That’s far more riveting for some than knowing that our rights have been violated. It’s surprising the number of people that actually believe Snowden to be a traitor.

Those very same people condemn the sheeple for not waking up to reality, but they are so fast asleep that they have done exactly what the US state told them to do: condemn Snowden for revealing the truth. It’s the latter that are even worse than the sheeple, it might seem. The sheeple honestly don’t know they are asleep, at least. There are still 49%(October 2013) of US citizens that believe that Snowden was a traitor to their country and to hell with being monitored by their state. If Snowden does reveal the names of spies and therefore puts those people in danger, then he may just become the traitor he wasn’t meant to be, however. But, he hasn’t done it yet.

You can’t distrust the Obama administration and consider that Obama is dishonestand at the same time believe that Snowden was a traitor. Time to wake up!

Originally posted: It’ll Snow-den in Time for Xmas

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