Iran's Rouhani: "We Are Not Dismantling Our Nuclear Facilities; Iran Will Maintain Its Uranium Enrichment Programme"

In case there was any confusion just how “historic” last week’s agreement with Iran, loudly trumpeted by the Obama administration as the most “historic” since Syria in a, well, long time, truly was in terms of curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions, here is the explanation straight from the horse’s mouth i.e., Iran president Hassan Rouhani who spoke today in an interview with the FT. “Mr Rouhani struck a tough line on Iran’s expectations over a comprehensive nuclear deal to be negotiated following last weekend’s landmark interim pact. “One hundred per cent [no],” he said when asked about dismantling nuclear facilities.” So ixnay on the ismantleday. What about halting Uranium enrichment – that other pillar of Obama (and Hollande’s of course) historic agreement? “[Rouhani] made clear that Tehran was determined to maintain a uranium enrichment programme for peaceful purposes.” In other words, Iran will continue doing what it said it did before, only this time it will get billions of implicit subsidies as various embargoes are lifted.

As the FT notes, a US Senate aide said of the Iranian president’s remarks: “This is precisely the sort of comment that is going to make some people in Congress very nervous.”

Of course, none of this is news to most who followed the theatrical spectacle that was the so-called Geneva deal, in which as confirmed, nothing actionable has been achieved except for the US to alienate its staunch allies Israel and Saudi Arabia further.

Actually, there was news: “Recalling his telephone conversation with President Barack Obama during Mr Rouhani’s recent visit to the UN in New York, he said: “I found him someone with very polite and smart language”. Well, if there is one thing one can say about the president, is that he sure has smart language.

Oh well, more work for the creators of Stuxnet ver 2.0


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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