Charting Today's 30K "Make Or Break" Payroll Difference In "Seasonally Adjusted" Context

Today’s nonfarm payroll number critical “make or break” margin, as estimated earlier by Deutsche Bank’s Jim Reid, is a tiny 30K: “anything above +200k (net of revisions) will lead to a further dip in risk as taper fears intensify and anything less than say +170k will probably see a decent relief rally after a tricky week for markets.” Goldilocks of course will be the expected 185K but what economists forecast rarely if every happens. So it is likely that what the BLS reports will either be good for the economy and horrible for market, or vice versa. So we decided to put this 30K in context. The charts below show both the average and the annual seasonal adjustment between the unadjusted and the final, adjusted nonfarm payroll print. In the past decade, the average November seasonal adjustment is the highest of all months, amounting to 1.165 million jobs! In other words, the 30K critical difference will fit nearly 40 times in just what the BLS’ Arima X 13 smoothing simulator adjusts the actual print by in order to get what it believes is the appropriate trendline, ignoring entirely that in the New Normal all historical seasonal adjustments are no longer applicable.

And this is the kind of data dependent “data” that Bernanke will be looking at in a week to decide whether or not to begin reducing the monthly amount of flow?


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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