Giant US Retailer to Accept Bitcoin – the American internet retailer with over a billion dollars per year in sales – will accept Bitcoin starting in 2014.

As Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne told the Financial Times:

I think a healthy monetary system at the end of the day isn’t an upside down pyramid based on the whim of a government official, but is based on something that they can’t control.


If there’s going to be some part of the population which adopts it… I think that we’ll get that business. And the people who switch to it will respect that we started adopting it.

Europe has rolled out its first Bitcoin ATM. And a bitcoin ATM in Vancouver, Canada did $1 million dollars worth of transactions within the first 29 days.

Mobile gift card company Gyft – which allows users to purchase gift cards at more than 50,000 retail locations in the U.S., including Brookstone, Lowe’s, GAP, Sephora, Gamestop, American Eagle, Nike, Marriott, Burger King and Fandango – partnered with BitPay earlier this year to start accepting bitcoins within its app.

According to the Bank of England’s Chief of Financial Stability, this may be a big step towards breaking up the monopoly of the too big to fail banks.


via Zero Hedge George Washington

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