A Mission to Mars Illustrates the Insanity of the Federal Reserve

“The last duty of a central banker is to tell the public the truth” – US Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Alan Blinder, 1994


By now, everyone knows that bankers lie…all the time. They tell one group of clients to sell an asset while secretly telling another group of clients to buy the same asset. They tell other clients to buy assets and then short that very asset behind their clients’ backs. They tell the world they don’t engage in any type of gold swaps nor do they rehypothecate gold, but yet when Germany asks for its 300 tonnes back from the US Central Bank, they respond by telling Germany that they have it all but only return 5 tonnes in the whole of 2013. Five tonnes represents 0.06% of the alleged gold the US Central Bank claims is in deep storage somewhere in the United States.


Yesterday the US Central Bank said that they are cutting their purchases of US Treasuries yet again from $75B a month to $65B a month. But as I stated yesterday in our weekly newsletter sent to thousands before the FOMC announcement, “I do not care if the US Central Bank’s FOMC lies later today when they announce policy and if they state they are going to taper QE more just to knock down gold and silver prices again in the short-term, because the REALITY is not only can they not maintain such a policy other than for the very short-term, but that they will eventually need to INCREASE QE just to prevent disaster and all the huge bubbles they have created all over the world from popping.”


In today’s world, it simply doesn’t matter what any of the bankers say because the only thing we know to be true is that their words are never to be trusted. The only thing that matters is what bankers are actually doing behind closed doors after spouting propaganda lies to the public. Below, we use a mission to Mars to clearly illustrate the insanity of Central Bank-speak.




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