Europe Is Set To Mandate “Remote Stopping Device” In All Cars For Police Use

Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Well this sounds like one of the worst ideas I have heard of in a long time. Naturally, it would emerge from the EU, the sorriest excuse for a fake government the world has ever seen.

While I have reported previously on regulatory efforts to put all sorts of invasive mandatory devices in U.S. automobiles (from October of last year Big Brother is Coming to Your Car), this idea from the EU take things to a whole other level of insanity.

From the BBC:

A device that would enable police to stop vehicles remotely is being considered by an EU-wide official working group, it has emerged.


The feasibility of such technology is being examined by members of the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (Enlets).


The technology could impact on both road safety and civil liberties.

Civil liberties? What are those?

The BBC understands it would take several years for any such technical proposal to be drafted.


One EU document, from 4 December, sets out the Enlets 2014-20 work programme as including: “Remote Stopping Vehicles”.


It says “this project will work on a technological solution that can be a ‘build in standard’ for all cars that enter the European market”.


It is not clear what cost implications that would have for car makers.

No, but the implications for the peasant class are crystal clear.

The work of Enlets is little known and has emerged in part through documents published by the civil liberties campaign group Statewatch.

These people are out of control.

Full article here.


[ZH: Perhaps this utter insanity would be more palatable with a different marketing angle? At least we can have a laugh as the encroachment on personal privacy and civil liberties continues unabated]


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