These Are The Two Charts That Just Sent Twitter Plunging After Hours

Moments ago Twitter just reported blockbuster earnings that beat expectations across the board, and guided higher:

  • Q4 revenue of $243 million, up 116% year-over-year, beating estimates of $218 million
  • Q4 GAAP EPS of ($1.41) and non-GAAP EPS of $0.02, beating estimates of ($0.02)
  • Q4 net loss of $511 million and non-GAAP net income of $10 million
  • Q4 adjusted EBITDA of $45 million, representing an adjusted EBITDA margin of 18%
  • Sees Q1 revenue of $230-$240 million, higher than the consensus estimate of $214.9 million

In other words everything was great, with TWTR beating everything and the stock should be soaring right?

Well, it was for a few minutes…. Until the algos read the following chart from the earnings slidedeck:

Yup: just 1 million monthly active users added in the US in 1 quarter and just 9 million in the entire world added in the quarter, far less than 15 milion additions expected (to a total 247MM).

And as an added bonus, this chart of timeline views, which reported the first quarterly contraction, certainly did not help either.


Finally, the trend is certainly not the momo-chasers friend here either:

As a result, this is what happened with TWTR stock after hours:


via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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