The Biggest Job Winners (Construction) And Losers (Government) In January

When you have one after another “polar vortex” out there, and feet of snow covering the country and supposedly crushing economic activity, what do you do? Why you hire construction workers of course. As the following breakdown of the best and worst jobs of December shows, the one job category to benefit the most from January’s horrifying weather which was the reason for all those weak January numbers (if one listens to the propaganda pundits and other TV anchors) was construction workers, which saw 48K jobs created. Which in some parallel universe surely makes sense. Just not this one.

The only good if just as non-credible news in this jobs report: fewer government workers.

The full breakdown of biggest job winners and losers:

Oh, and naturally the surge in construction jobs “explains” perfectly why New Home Sales in January plunged by the most since July – must have been all those new workers put to work… doing nothing.




via Zero Hedge Tyler Durden

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