Legislation To Block Biden’s ATF Rule Stalls As Millions Set To Become Felons Overnight 

Legislation To Block Biden’s ATF Rule Stalls As Millions Set To Become Felons Overnight 

Submitted by Gun Owners of America,

Most Americans are unaware that a new rule from President Biden’s ATF is less than one week away from turning millions of fellow citizens into felons overnight. 

The new rule targets firearms that utilize a brace, a device originally designed to aid disabled veterans in shooting guns without assistance. These braces were approved for sale and use by ATF themselves. 

An estimated 40 million of these firearms are owned by law-abiding citizens. Those citizens, unless aware of the ATF’s rule change, will become felons on June 1st – unless the House votes on H. J. Res. 44 to overturn the ban using the Congressional Review Act. 

This process allows both chambers of Congress to pass a resolution of disapproval to nullify the regulation, and a vote in the Senate would not be subject to filibuster rules. 

The Republican-controlled House has already cleared the resolution through committee. Currently, there are 189 cosponsors of the bill. But for some reason, it is not scheduled a vote before Congress goes into recess or the rule goes into effect. 

This vote is extremely important because it would force members of the Senate, with vulnerable Democrats in gun-friendly states, to go on the record while answering this question: will you vote to allow this administration to turn many of your constituents into felons overnight? 

Even though the CRA likely would be vetoed by the President, getting these members of Congress on record holds them accountable to their constituents. It would look ridiculous if they voted no on an issue like this which affects such a large swath of the population, but then turned around and preached about being “pro-gun.” 

Ben from GOA explains why the ATF’s ‘free’ tax stamp for your braced firearms isn’t exactly free… 

This is where we need your help. 

You can call your elected officials at (202) 224-3121.

Tell them to demand that your representative tell Speaker McCarthy to schedule a vote for this important issue that impacts millions of Americans. 

And if they aren’t already, let them know to support S.J. RES. 20 if they’re in the Senate & H.J. RES. 20 if they’re in the House of Representatives 

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We’ll hold the line for you in Washington. We are No Compromise. Join the Fight Now.

Tyler Durden
Thu, 05/25/2023 – 23:00

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