Number Of Kids Put On Puberty Blockers Doubles Despite NHS Promising To Stop

Number Of Kids Put On Puberty Blockers Doubles Despite NHS Promising To Stop

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The number of children placed on puberty blockers for ‘gender affirming care’ has doubled in the UK in a year despite the government run National Health Service saying it would stop the practice outside of clinical trials.

The Telegraph reports that at least 100 children, some as young as 12, have been given the drugs since July 2022 regardless of the NHS’ decision that month to stop doing so based on a damning review by Dr Hilary Cass, former president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Dr Cass warned that puberty blockers could permanently disrupt the brain development of adolescents, and irreversibly rewire neural circuits.

Cass also charged that Tavistock clinic, where the ‘treatment’ is carried out, operates an “affirmative, non-exploratory approach”, diagnosing children with gender dysphoria without proper oversight. 

NHS England agreed with Cass’ findings and announced that “due to the significant uncertainties surrounding the use of hormone treatments” puberty blockers for children would be halted.

The report notes that Freedom of Information requests for referrals from the Tavistock’s Gender Identity Development Service have revealed that hasn’t happened.

The figures also do not include those given the drugs by GPs or privately, and are likely to be much higher.

Commenting on the findings, Psychotherapist Stella O’Malley charged that “This demonstrates that the culture war is more important than the medical war.”

Consultant psychiatrist Dr David Bell commented that the drugs cause “considerable damage,” adding “There are serious concerns about bone mineralisation and long-term cognitive effects.”

“We know 98 per cent of children starting puberty blockers go on to take opposite-sex hormones, and a very significant proportion of those go on to have surgery,” he continued, adding “They are being started on a pathway which is highly likely to be irreversible. Once you start them on that path, it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Bell also noted that “autism, depression, family trauma or sexuality” are not considered as factors which goes “completely against the Cass recommendations”.

Stephanie Davies-Arai, director of Transgender Trend, which campaigns for evidence-based healthcare, said “How many more children will be given blockers before they stop?” adding “I don’t understand how the NHS can sit back and let this continue when they know the harms that were described in Dr Cass’ interim report.”

As we highlighted earlier this week, NHS midwives have revealed that they are being forced to assign gender identities to new born babies on a new computer system, rather than register their biological sex.

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