Trump Is Absolutely Smoking Biden In Yet Another Major Poll

Trump Is Absolutely Smoking Biden In Yet Another Major Poll

President Biden is in serious trouble, with his political standing now at the weakest point of his presidency, according to a new poll from the Wall Street Journal.

The poll shows Biden trailing behind former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical 2024 showdown by 4 percentage points, a gap that widens with the inclusion of third-party candidates, signifying a potential upheaval in the traditional two-party dynamics.

Dislike of Biden has become widespread – with just 23% of voters feeling they’ve been positively impacted by Biden’s policies, starkly contrasting with the nostalgic economic reminiscence of the Trump era. The term “Bidenomics,” once a banner of hope, now flounders with less than 30% approval, reflecting widespread disillusionment. No wonder the White House has stopped using the term.

The Democrat president faces serious perception issues.

Voters say Trump is the better bet than Biden to secure the border (by 30 percentage points), tame inflation (by 21 points) and build the economy (by 17 points). Biden leads on who can best deal with abortion policy, and voters say that he more than Trump respects democracy. But the president is viewed as no better than Trump on cutting medication costs—a key Democratic initiative.  –WSJ

If this race is about policy and performance, then Donald Trump has a significant advantage,” said Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio, who conducted the Journal survey with Democrat Michael Bocian. “If this race is about temperament and character, things like that, then Biden has an advantage.”

“Things were thriving under Trump. This country is a business and it needs to be run by a businessman,” said 53-year-old Aimee Kozlowski of Goffestown, NH, a Republican who plans to vote for Trump, and says that her competitive gymnastics facility has been hurt by inflation.

The poll also uncovers a dissonance between public economic pessimism and recent positive economic indicators, such as a robust GDP and low unemployment.

The president has been adjusting his messages on the economy to put more focus on taming inflation rather than on job creation. Creating high-paying jobs was a central goal of Democratic-backed legislation that funded new infrastructure and manufacturing, but voters see jobs as less of a concern than high prices. The White House recently unveiled a new supply-chain council aimed in part at stemming inflation, and Biden recently called on companies to “stop the price-gouging.” 

The president and his campaign have also amplified their focus on Trump’s most contentious comments, such as his description of opponents as “vermin” and his statement last week that he would be a dictator on “Day 1”—specifically to close the border and open more land for oil drilling—both of which suggest an authoritarian approach to a potential second Trump term. Trump’s allies say Democrats are trying to distract from economic issues and problems at the southern border. -WSJ

Of course, the Journal also found a never-Trump independent voter, Michelle Bannon, who says the former president is “not qualified at all,” adding “I don’t know that Biden can go another four years, but I’ll cross my fingers and vote for him. He’s the lesser of two evils.”

From 10,000 feet, Trump is smoking Biden in most polls in general.

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Sat, 12/09/2023 – 15:45

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