“Not By Accident”: California Sheriff Blasts “Radical” Progressives For Explosive Crime Crisis

“Not By Accident”: California Sheriff Blasts “Radical” Progressives For Explosive Crime Crisis

“We are here today because California Public Safety is in crisis. Crime is steadily on the rise – and our public safety policy is one of the worst, if not the worst, in the nation,” Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco said last week while joining lawmakers in Sacramento in support of several new bills dealing with public safety.

Bianco emphasized: I want to make this clear, and I want there to be no mistake in what I am saying … this is not by accident … the driving force in our crisis is a radical Progressive agenda fraudulently called Criminal Justice Reform. This is nothing short of a sick and twisted social experiment where law enforcement is the bad guy and criminals are somehow victims of society and not responsible for their actions.”

This radical “agenda began with the passage of AB 109, the so-called Public Safety Realignment Act. The state government failed to take responsibility for prison overcrowding or their failure to build more prisons and instead forced county jails to house state inmates while simultaneously releasing thousands of felons early. This has pushed our county jails to a near collapse and caused the early release of countless criminals thousands.” 

Bianco continued: “Thousands upon thousands of criminals are being released from custody early – crime is increasing, and our governor is closing prisons instead of building new ones. It defies common sense. In 2014, a complete fraud was perpetrated in California. The so-called Safe Streets and Safe Schools initiative, Prop 47, changed many felonies to misdemeanors, basically legalized drug use, and increased the amount of petty theft to nearly $1,000. In 2016, another lie was perpetrated on voters with the naming and wording of Prop 57, tricking voters into approving the release of thousands of violent criminals onto our streets and neighborhoods. This why we are here everyone knows Prop 47 and 57 are disasters – and yet Governor Newsom adamantly touts it as a success, and lawmakers continue to refuse to fix their mistake and the problems that they have created.” 

Once crimes are no longer crimes it allows Governor Nome and Attorney General Bon to cite completely flawed data points to support their failures. Californians are now suffering the consequences of a failed social agenda,” he said. 

The reality in California is that criminal justice reforms are an epic failure by Democrats. Now, more and more state leaders are pushing to overhaul these disastrous ballot measures that have transformed some cities in the state into third-world-like conditions. 

Here’s the sheriff’s entire speech, reminding voters to support public safety after a decade of chaos:

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Sun, 02/25/2024 – 22:45

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