Shooting at LAX Airport, Birth Control Mandate Struck Down, Drone Strike in Pakistan: P.M. Links

  • You can always buy it yourself.A
    opened fire at Los Angeles International Airport.
    Information is still sketchy in the media, but reports say a TSA
    agent was killed. The gunman has been reported both in custody and
    dead and several others were injured.
  • A federal appeals court has struck down the mandate that health
    insurance provided by employers must cover
    birth control
  • Nasdaq is having more
    tech problems
    , which shut down trading today.
  • A U.S. drone strike in Pakistan has
    killed a Taliban leader
    , which may well sabotage peace efforts
    between Pakistan and the terrorist group.
  • More
    part-time college professors are joining unions
    , which will
    help inflate that education bubble quite nicely.

  • Turn your clocks back an hour
    on Sunday because the government
    told you to.

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