New: The War on Pot Is Over!

2013 is going to be remembered
as the year the drug war died as a political issue, writes Nick

The headline of the latest Gallup Poll on the subject says it
all: “For First Time, Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana.” Fully
58 percent of respondents agreed that “the use of marijuana should
be made legal.”
Not decriminalizedmedicalized, or any
other weasel-worded synonym to keep the squares and the cops and
the addiction-industry lobbyists from getting the vapors and
reaching for a legal chill pill. Legalized. This
year’s figure represents a massive, 10-point bounce from last year
and an even longer, stranger trip from 1969, the first year Gallup
popped the question, when just 12 percent said pot ought to be sold
like beer, wine, and alcohol…. A large majority of Americans
favor legalizing it and that’s not going to change. No politician
is going to ever again gain votes or win an election by talking
tough about pot.

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