Southern Poverty Law Center Warns: "Far-Right Homophobes" Are Criticizing the TSA

Can't you feel the homophobia?You probably won’t be surprised to learn that
Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center jumped on the news
that the alleged gunman at last week’s Los Angeles Airport shooting
possessed “anti-government” literature. But you might be surprised
at how PotokĀ describes
the critics of the TSA’s intrusive pat-downs:

The TSA, short for the Transportation Security
Administration, is an agency of the DHS charged with ensuring the
security of transportation, most notably air transportation.
Although it has not been widely singled out by Patriots, it has
been subjected to criticism by far-right homophobes, among others,
who have alleged that TSA agents engaging in hand searches are
really sexually groping travelers.

So: “far-right homophobes, among others.” Among others, yes.

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