A.M. Links: Federal Employees Sue Government for Late Pay, Maine Police Chief Says No to Legal Marijuana, $15 Minimum Wage Initiative Wins in Seattle Suburb

  • Federal employees who worked
    during the government shutdown
    are suing the government
    for damages because they weren’t paid
    on time. It would be so satisfying to watch the government fight
    itself if it weren’t taxpayer dollars it was fighting over.
  • Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
    acknowledged that enrollment figures for Obamacare for
    will be “very low.”
     Only six people signed up on the first
    day of enrollment. The government’s top healthcare IT official,

    , has stepped down and is headed to the private
  • Al Gore slammed the NSA’s surveillance program and predicted
    it will be reined in
    . Let’s hope that’s more accurate than his
    weather predictions.
  • Despite the ordinance legalizing marijuana, the police chief of
    Portland, Maine says officers will
    still issue citations
     for possession. On the bright side,
    he also said reprimandning pot smokers is a low priority.
  • Backers have declared an initiative for a
    $15 hourly minimum wage
    at Seattle’s Sea-Tac International
    Airport to be victorious.
  • Twitter Inc
    could face volatile trade
    in its debut Thursday on the New York
    Stock Exchange, but analysts remain enthusiastic after the
    money-losing social media company priced its IPO above the expected
  • Syrian troops have retaken a
    key rebel-held town
    south of Damascus, according to state-run

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from Hit & Run http://reason.com/blog/2013/11/07/am-links-federal-employees-sue-governmen

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