Twitter Sings Happy Song with IPO, Telecoms Paid by CIA for Data Collection, Toronto’s Rob Ford Becoming Household Name: P.M. Links

  • Buy Twitter Stock #ThreeWordInvestmentTipsTwitter’s
    initial public offering
    today is a far cry from Facebook’s
    first-day disaster. It initially offered stocks at $26 a share, but
    its first trade came in at more than $45 a share.
  • Wondering why telecom companies aren’t objecting to handing
    over data to the feds? Money, of course. The CIA is paying AT&T
    more than
    $10 million a year
    for their assistance.
  • 250,000 Colorado residents will
    lose their current insurance coverage
    thanks to Obamacare.
  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford continues his public transformation
    character into a Saturday Night Live character with a

    hilarious but also angry and violent rant
    that was secretly
    recorded and recently distributed.
  • Fearing (probably correctly) that New York City’s new mayor
    will drop the appeals against the implementation of stop-and-frisk
    police unions are asking permission to intervene
    and keep the
    challenge going.
  • Iranian officials say they’re being offered some relief from
    crippling sanctions
    from Europe and America for their
    cooperation with efforts to scale back the country’s nuclear

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