Tonight: Jesse Walker and Paul Cantor Discuss the Economics of Apocalypse

This evening I’m going to be moderating a talk by Paul Cantor at
George Mason University. The topic is “The
Economics of Apocalypse: Flying Saucers, Alien Invasions, and the
Walking Dead

The men who made America.

Everywhere we look in pop culture today, the world is
coming to an end. Whether it’s the result of natural disasters,
alien invasions, or zombie plagues, our way of life is threatened
and our institutions are crumbling, leaving Americans to fend for
themselves (or prey upon each other).

Drawing upon his new book, The
Invisible Hand in Popular Culture: Liberty vs. Authority in
American Film and TV
, University of Virginia Professor of
English Paul Cantor will discuss opposing visions of individualism
vs. collectivism in today’s catastrophe narratives.

The event will begin at 7 and end at 8:30. You can find us at
Founders Hall Auditorium on GMU’s Arlington campus, at 3351 Fairfax

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