Alec Baldwin Condemns "Libertarian Trash" Who Are "Defenders of Gay Rights"

The latest rampage by rageaholic – and ultra-talented, btw –
actor Alec Baldwin is on display at (click above to watch).
After winning a case against a stalker,
Baldwin saw fit to scream at and threaten a shutterbug on the
streets of New York.

During the episode, Baldwin refers to the photographer as a
“cocksucking fag,” an insult that calls to mind a previous incident
in which the 30 Rock alum and current MSNBC host
threatened to foot-fuck
a “toxic little queen” and “a toxic
little bitch” who had libeled his wife.

While giving no quarter to what he sees as invasive
photographers, Baldwin has checked in with advisers and

This tweet came just hours after Baldwin had tweeted
slurs are wrong. They not only offend, but threaten hard fought
tolerance of LGBT rights

And not long after Baldwin had tweeted (and duly deleted) this
slag on “libertarian trash” who defend gays:

I can’t speak for the Breitbart crowd (though Andrew Breitbart
was certainly a staunch supporter of gay
) but the “libertarian trash” at Reason has been
defending gay rights since the magazine’s earliest days in the late
1960s. In fact, when mainstream liberal and conservative
publications were still arguing over whether homosexuality should
be decriminalized, we were already talking about marriage equality.
If the state is going to involve itself in marriage (and it
shouldn’t) among consenting adults, it should not draw invidious
distinctions and treat some people as second-class citizens.

I’d like to think that Alec Baldwin can understand that about
“libertarian trash.” But if his now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t
Twitter feed is any indication, he’s already on to more important
topics, such as conflating “single-bullet theorists” with
minimum-wage flat-earthers:

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