If You're (Not) Traveling by Air Today, Here's How to Fix America's Fugged-Up Air Traffic Control System


If you’re traveling
by air today, well, good luck to you. A storm is paralyzing a good
chunk of the Northeast and once airports in Boston, Philly, New
York, and Newark get even a little bit backed up, the ripples fan
out like a cannonball hitting a fat guy in the stomach in

As you’re cooling your jets in airports (which approximate
homeless shelters on the holidays), consider this: It’s not just
weather that screws up air travel so much. The simple fact is that,
as Reason Foundation’s Bob Poole says in the video above, “The air
traffic control system in the United States is technologically
obsolete. This model is basically the same model that we have
used since the beginning of air travel.”

Click above to watch “Your Flight Has Been Delayed…And It’s
Washington’s Fault.” Click here for
downloadable versions and more links and resources.

from Hit & Run http://reason.com/blog/2013/11/27/if-youre-not-traveling-by-air-today-here

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