A.M. Links: Attempt in Congress to End “Signature” Drone Strikes Fails, FAA Late on Commercial Drone Rules, UN Launches Drones in Congo

  • future's hereThree members of the House Intelligence Committee

    an amendment to the latest intelligence authorization
    act that would ban “signature” drone strikes, which kill
    individuals based on their activities without confirming their
    identities. It failed 3-7.
  • The FAA will not be
    to release rules on commercial drone use by September
    2015, as required by law. Senator Ed Markey,
    , doesn’t want Amazon to start using drones to make
    deliveries until the FAA establishes privacy rules.
  • House Democrats will be
    on the Obamacare website today by a deputy senior
    advisor from the White House and a bureaucratic head from the
    Department of Health and Human Services.
  • The SEC has
    the idea of requiring publicly-traded companies to
    disclose to shareholders their campaign spending.
  • The CEO of the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei
    the company will “exit” the US market over claims by some
    American lawmakers that the firm helps China spy on Americans. The
    CEO said it wasn’t “worth it” for the company to get in the middle
    of US-Chinese relations.
  • The United Nations has
    two drones in the Congo to monitor rebel activities
    near the eastern border of the country.
  • Investigators in Egypt are
    putting the former president, Mohammed Morsi, on
    trial for alleged links to jihadists.

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from Hit & Run http://reason.com/blog/2013/12/03/am-links-attempt-in-congress-to-end-sign

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