Reason Webathon Target Upworthied to $150,000 After Shock $50,000 Donation!

It's gettin' real in the Whole Foods parking lot. |||Things just got real on Day Two
of Reason’s annual webathon, during which we
for your shekels and fiat currencies and Bitcoin
to help us shower the world with ever-more awesome libertarian
journalism, commentary, and generalized wonderfulness. As beloved
commenters BakedPenguin and Warty noted earlier
today, some donor just dropped a $50,000 KABOOM into the kitty,
propelling us more than three-quarters of the way toward our
week-long goal of compiling $100,000 in libertarian-journalism seed

So, naturally, we’re raising the bar to $150,000.

The gift, from a Friend o’ Reason who wishes to remain
anonymous, is a direct challenge to raise the stakes on what Nick
Gillespie has boldly proclaimed as our new
Libertarian Era
. The time is now—just head over to
to see a
constant stream
of libertarian-friendly indicators: “Americans’
Satisfaction With U.S. Gov’t Drops to New Low
,” “Congressional
Approval Sinks to Record Low
,” “Perceived
Need for 3rd Party Reaches New High
,” “Majority
in U.S. Say Health Care Not Gov’t Responsibility
,” “For
First Time, Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana
,” “Death
Penalty Support Lowest in More Than 40 Years
,” and so on.
There’s a whole swath of public opinion and government policy (and
hopefully lack thereof) up for grabs like never before, so let’s
accept this challenge to storm that breach, mix that metaphor, and
nevermind those bollocks!   

Won’t you please donate some of your
tax-deductible loot to Reason right the hell now?

from Hit & Run

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