Count All the Stars in This Reason Video and Donate Now!

It’s Reason’s annual webathon and we’re looking to raise $150,000 over the next few
days. We’re over the $100,000 mark, so the goals is in sight.

Click above to watch a 75-second donation pitch packed with more
(and better!) stars than the Dumbbell Nebula! (And yes, the
start-screen is supposed to kinda sorta look like a late-’60s or
early ’70s album cover).

Do you love Reason – the print magazine, Reason TV, the

And are you tired of politicians, pundits, and rent-seeking
bastards (as Reason TV’s Paul Feine likes to put it) of all sorts
telling you what to do?

With your donation, we’ll keep dishing up award-winning
libertarian journalism and commentary for years to come.

But we DO need your help.

If you give $100, you’ll get a print or digital subscription to
Reason magazine and a classic black Reason T-shirt or this nifty
one of our recent special drone issue of the print mag. For $1,000,
you’ll get a private lunch in DC with a Reason editor. For more
details on giving levels and associated swag, go here.

But regardless of the amount, you’ll get our undying gratitude
and a tax write-off for whatever you can afford to send our

All contributions will help us beat back ever encroaching
statism in Washington and elsewhere.

From everyone at Reason, thanks for reading, for giving, and for

from Hit & Run

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