OFA Wants to Know What You Want to Hear at the State of the Union

so ofaOrganizing for Action, formerly known as Obama
for America and still located online at BarackObama.com, is a
501(c)4, which is allowed to do political advocacy but prohibited
from supporting a specific candidate, has joined in the pre-State
of the Union propaganda push. They want to know what you’re most
interested in hearing the president talk about. The OFA e-mail:

Edward —

In a few short days, President Obama will lay out his plans for
2014, but before that, we want to know what you’re most interested
in hearing from him on Tuesday.

Take this quick, one-question survey and let OFA




The e-mail follows an official White House e-mail from Valerie
Jarrett where she talked about how much work she’s putting into an
address that for nearly two hundred years was merely sent as a
letter to the Congress. It’s a “hectic week,” she wrote, with busy
policy advisors and speech writers.

Joe Biden sent a White House e-mail, calling the
Constitutionally-mandated update the President has to give Congress
a “plan for the upcoming year of action,” calling the State of the
Union “part of a tradition that dates back to our founding
fathers,” without mentioning, naturally, that from the presidency
of Thomas Jefferson all the way through Woodrow Wilson, presidents
were able to meet their constitutional obligation without the pomp
and circumstance introduced to it since Wilson brought back the
live reading.

The State of the Union will be next Tuesday. You’ll be able to
watch it on any of the networks and most of the cable news
channels, or follow along as we livetweet here at Hit &

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