Vid: Wall Street's New Cryptocurrency Headquarters: Inside the Bitcoin Center NYC

“I was in college, and now instead of going to college I’m doing
Bitcoin,” says Louis Parker, an entrepreneur who has set up shop at
the Bitcoin Center NYC, a
cavernous storefront in lower Manhattan’s financial district that’s
fast become a central gathering spot for New York City’s
cryptocurrency traders, programmers, and enthusiasts. “There’s no
college class on Bitcoin, except in Cyprus, and I wasn’t ready to
move there,” he says.

Every Monday night, Bitcoin traders hold a meet up called
Satoshi Square, named in honor of Satoshi
, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, in which
participants exchange virtual currencies for U.S. dollars. Before
Satoshi Square relocated to the Bitcoin Center NYC a couple weeks
ago, it was held in the shopping aisles of a Whole Foods grocery
on the Lower East Side.

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