Snowden Nominated for Nobel Prize, Atlanta Becomes Frozen Hell, House Passes $1 Trillion Farm Bill: P.M. Links

  • Snowden isn't responsible for nearly enough deaths to get the Nobel Peace Prize, right?Two Norwegian politicians have
    nominated Edward Snowden for the
    2014 Nobel Peace Prize
    . They should ask to transfer over the
    one they gave to President Barack Obama.
  • The cold weather has turned Atlanta into an
    apocalyptic landscape
    about which several comparisons to
    The Walking Dead have been made.
  • The Supreme Court ordered a temporary
    stay of the execution
    of a Missouri man. Opponents are pointing
    to the state’s lack of transparency about the drugs they’re using
    to execute prisoners as a problem.
  • The House has passed the
    $1 trillion farm bill
    . It cuts food stamps slightly and one
    farm subsidy but expands the crop insurance program.
  • Egypt will be putting 20 Al Jazeera journalists, including

    four foreign reporters, on trial
    for aiding members of the
    now-banned Muslim Brotherhood as Al Jazeera correspondents.
  • A White House petition demanding the
    deportation of Justin Bieber
    has reached the threshold of
    100,000 to garner a response. I was going to suggest that 100,000
    folks should prepare for disappointment, but given the Obama
    administration’s reputation for deporting people, they may get what
    they want.

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