Tonight on The Independents: The GOP’s Welfare Conflict, Locker-Room Libertarianism, Deporting Bieber, Documenting Detroit, Duck Selfies, Bad Beards, and Even More Penn Jillette!

Tonight’s live episode of Fox Business Network’s The
(9 pm ET, 6 pm PT, repeats at midnight) will
feature a sobering reminder: Never miss the online-only
“Independents After Hours” (which streams at the website
just after 10 pm, including tonight). Why? Because you miss some
seriously free-wheeling, structureless conversations with the
various beautiful freaks who populate the show. Like
conversation with Penn Jillette, a solid chunk of
which has been edited down for consumption tonight.

Did you want to see a little P.J. from the actual telecast? Well
here you are:

Also on the program: Party Panelists Buck Sexton from The
and Andrew
from Mediaite will be on to discuss the

divergent GOP approaches to welfare politics
, President Barack
mixed foreign policy messages
in last night’s State of the
Union address, what Justin Bieber’s many troubles
tell us about immigration policy
, and New Jersey’s
butt-hurtedness about
not getting enough revenue from the Super Bowl

Intense journalist Charlie LeDuff will be on to talk about his
Detroit: An American Autopsy
, recently retired NFL
cornerback Chris
will discuss what it’s like to be a libertarian-leaning independent
in a professional locker room, and Independents heartthrob
Kmele Foster will tell us
the latest news about Bitcoin (you may even see a snippet from our

recent video
on same). Also eligible for discussion:
The farm bill, Jay Carney’s beard, Duck Dynasty’s
SOTU-selfies, Vin Diesel’s dance moves, and more. And REMEMBER:
Make sure to watch the after-show, and send your tweets out to

from Hit & Run

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