The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il, from Reason Contributor Michael Malice

Reason contributor and celebrity memoir collaborator
in America
with Ultimate Figher Matt Hughes and

I Want You to Shut the F#ck Up
 with comedian D.L.
Hughley, among others) was inspired by his visit to North Korea,
which he wrote
about for us in our Aug./Sept. 2013 issue
, to produce an
“unauthorized autobiography” of North Korea’s late Dear Leader Kim
Jong Il, Dear Reader.

That book is out

While a lot of the tyranny of North Korea reads like a dark
humor comic opera to us–and the idea of an “unauthorized
autobiography” is funny–Malice has a serious intent behind the
apparent comedy: to get inside the nearly unspeakable evil of North
Korean government in a way no other method could.

I wrote about Harvey Pekar’s graphic
novel biography of Malice,
Ego and Hubris, back in

Malice did a
Reddit “ask me anything”
yesterday on this book and other

from Hit & Run

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