Super Bowl Confidential: Why No Smart City Should Want an NFL Franchise

On the morning of
the Super Bowl, take a few minutes to ponder Alexis Garcia’s video
for Reason TV (originally released on January 31, 2014).

It’s all about Los Angeles’ mad, desperate, pathetic, and
utterly misguided search for a NFL franchise to replace the two bum
teams, the Raiders and the Rams, that routinely failed to sell out
games. LA has been without a pro football team for 20 years, which
turns out to be a boon for NFL fans who never have to worry about a
game being blacked out and for taxpayers, who haven’t shelled out
massive amounts of money like the idjits in places such as Atlanta
and Minneapolis.
Full writeup and text here

If you’re curious as to why sports stadium subsidies always seem
to win,
go here

And if you want more detail on how the NFL has learned to blitz
taxpayers’ wallets like the Fearsome Foursome on steroids (which
they would have been if they could have been), click below to get
the play-by-play from Gregg Easterbrook, whose The King of Sports
is a great read for those of us who love watching football and yet
are appalled by the welfare that the pro and college teams suck up
like no other business.
Full writeup, links, and more here.

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