Nick Gillespie on Bob Dylan’s Chrysler Super Bowl Ad

Bob DylanDuring the Super Bowl, Bob Dylan’s
“buy American” ad for Chrysler provoked outrage from fans and
critics alike. Nick Gillespie explains that the man behind “Like a
Rolling Stone” is just doing what comes naturally:

Dylan is an artist that purposefully makes his fans
uncomfortable, not out of anger or contempt for his audience, but
out of an undiminished sense of adventure, exploration, and
creativity. In this, Dylan is the polar opposite of the recently
deceased and Pete Seeger, who famously wanted to cut Dylan’s
electricity at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival and never, ever
discomfited his fans (or the Comintern, for that matter) for a
second. Where so many writers, filmmakers, artists simply repeat
themselves or flatter their audience’s sense of itself, Dylan is,
after all these years, “still on the road/Heading for another

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