NYT on Bitcoin: Only “Criminals” Want Anonymous Cryptocurrency

Today at The New York Times online, under the headline
Bitcoin Regulation Is Inevitable
,” this proclamation:

No one supports creating an anonymous bazaar for dealing in
drugs and other illegal goods and services—except, perhaps, the
criminals themselves.

While the rest of the piece is more or less boilerplate Bitcoin
coverage, this is an odd interjection of the old “why do you need
privacy if you have nothing to hide” canard. 

Bitcoin is technically psudenomyous, not anonymous, since there
is a record of every transaction. But the idea that no one would
want an additional layer privacy in their online purchases “except,
perhaps, the criminals themselves,” is odd.  

I talked about good reasons why ordinary people might want to
keep information about what you’re buying or selling private on
Stossel awhile back:

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