A.M. Links: Obamacare May Have Malware, Internet Companies Want More Government Surveillance Reform, Hamid Karzai May Be Talking With Taliban

  • what if the site is the malware? :-oUS intelligence agencies

    that the Obamacare website could contain malware, after
    finding that developers with links to the Belarusian government
    worked on the site. The White House insisted,
    , that 22,000 botched Obamacare enrollments actually
    represented a “very small percentage” of the total number of people
    enrolled on the website.
  • Internet companies are pushing the federal
    government to make more substantive reforms to NSA surveillance
    after being permitted to reveal how many FISA court requests they
    get a year.
  • Training materials obtained via FOIA request
    how the DEA creates a parallel chain of evidence to
    conceal its surveillance program.
  • A state trooper on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s
    security detail was
    for allegedly shoplifting gun accessories from a
    sporting goods store in Pennsylvania.
  • Developers of a sketching app called “Paper” are
    Facebook is using the same totally generic but totally
    apt name for its new reader app.
  • The Afghan president Hamid Karzai may be in “clandestine
    ” with the Taliban.

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