Tonight on The Independents: The CBO vs. Obama, FLOTUS vs. Fat, Seinfeld’s White Privilege, Limbaugh’s Late Conversion, Paul Rieckhoff Talks Vets, Ben Shapiro Defends Anti-‘Libertinism’ Hoffman, and More

Before we get into tonight’s episode of The
, here are two clips from last night featuring
the man formerly known as Carlos Danger, Anthony Weiner:

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Tonight at 9 pm ET, 6 pm PT, on Fox Business Network: What does
the first major long-term
Congressional Budget Office projection
in the Obamacare era
tell us about the way that the Affordable Care Act was sold?
As a great magazine once taught us, They Lied.
Also, founder & CEO Paul Reickhoff of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
will talk about the Veterans Administration’s massive
disability-claims backlog
, and how the military industrial
complex may yet demand that America builds tanks that the U.S. Army

doesn’t want

Like a rug. |||Tonight’s Party Panel, Juicy Pink
lifestyle lesbian Jincey Lumpkin
and Red Girls Salonista
Dee Dee Benkie, will
sink their choppers into the
over Jerry Seinfeld answering a question about
comedian-diversity by saying, “You’re funny, I’m interested. You’re
not funny, I’m not interested. And I have no interest in gender, or
race, or anything like that.” They’ll also discuss whether Michelle
Obama really
deserves the praise
her husband gave her recently for reducing
childhood obesity, and just how much everything related to the
Sochi Olympics will

National Review contributor Ben Shapiro will come on to
defend his claim that
fake Hollywood libertarianism
helped kill Philip Seymour
Hoffman, Kmele Foster will decide whether he accepts Rush
apology to independents
, and other potential topics will
John Kerry’s new beard
, BYU’s bizarre new
anti-masturbation video
, and maybe the
single-worst Obamacare enrollment video
in the history of

Aftershow will be live-streamed on the website,
and please send your tweets out to @IndependentsFBN, and
some may be used on air.

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