Chris Christie Pledges to “Take a Close Look At” Bill Giving Eminent Domain Powers to Universities, Forgetting That He Already Signed It

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie answers the voters’

Fine. If it crosses my desk AGAIN, I promise to look at it. Happy now?Asked Monday about a measure
giving eminent domain powers to a new Rutgers-Camden and Rowan
University joint board of governors, Gov. Christie said he was
unaware of such a proposal.

“If a bill like that comes to my desk, I’ll have to take a close
look at it,” Christie said, fielding a call from a listener on NJ
101.5’s Ask the Governor radio program. “I haven’t heard
anything at this point about eminent domain being given to a
university—I don’t think that’s the way it works.”

However, Christie signed the bill into law last month.

To read the whole article—including the part where Christie
pledges that the bill he already signed will “get a thorough
vetting by the counsel’s office, and they’ll give me advice about
whether they think it’s appropriate for me to sign or not”—go


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