Thomas Massie on Congressional Snowden-Bashing, Mandatory Minimums, and Self-Sufficient Farming…Plus The Independents Get Their Two Minutes Hate!

last night’s episode
of The
, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) gave a
pretty great rap about congressional attempts to slime National
Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, collusion between the
president and intelligence-committee chairs, reducing mandatory
minimums for drug sentences, legalizing (at the least) industrial
hemp…and creating a self-sufficient farm:

Watch Nick Gillespie’s longer interview with Massie for last year:


Also on The Independents last night was the
second installment of the disturbingly popular feature Two Minutes
Hate, featuring some of the best insults thrown our way (including
by beloved Reason commenters). Feel the non-love:

Tune in again Friday at 9 pm for a special “Off the Grid”

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