Oakland Cop Arrested in San Francisco for Showing Off Firearm

if you're going to san francisco24-year-old Kevin Kelly is
probably not the first cop to show off his firearm in an attempt to
impress someone.  But the female IHOP server he was trying to
impress at 2 in the morning was not, and the city he was in was
decidedly anti-gun. She called police, who arrested Kelly for
brandishing a firearm.
Via the San Francisco Chronicle:

Kelly’s attorney, Harry Stern, said Friday, “Based on
the facts that I know, it sounds like a youthful indiscretion. I
don’t see how, under any stretch of the imagination, the crime of
brandishing has been committed, which requires the weapon to be
displayed in an angry, threatening manner.”

In a statement released to The Chronicle, Oakland police said the
department “takes all allegations of misconduct involving our
employees seriously. Ensuring internal investigations are swift,
fair and objective is our priority. We are conducting a thorough
investigation into this incident, focused on discovering all
pertinent facts and circumstances.”

Kelly is on paid administrative leave, said Officer Johnna
Watson, an Oakland police spokeswoman, pending investigations by
San Francisco police and Oakland police
internal affairs.

Kelly graduated from the police academy, the first in Oakland in
four years, in March. His father is a retired San Francisco police

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