Tonight on The Independents: Obamacare, the NSA, Death by Drones, the GOP and Immigration, and More!

Greetings humans!

 is playing in and on your TV box at 9 pm
ET, 6 pm PT on Fox Business Network, and that means you should
watch it, or time-shift it, or tape it, then watch the repeats
tonight at midnight and later over the weekend. 

Tonight, we’ll be talking about Obamacare, the surveillance
state, death by drones, and taking selfies with homeless people,
among other topics. 

We’ll talk health care and employment, Rand Paul and the
Clintons, and drone killing counundrums with Campus Reform
reporter Katherine Timpf
. We’ll discuss immigration and
multi-culti soda-pop commercials with Allen West.

Rep. Ted Poe
will be on for a conversation about the surveillance
state. Pro-football veteran Chris Carr will be on to
talk about
the possibility
that an openly gay man might be drafted into
the National Football League. And Kmele Foster and I will mix it up
over the varying merits of the print and broadcast versions of
The Walking Dead

I’ll be sitting in as a guest co-host, filling the chair usually
occupied by Matt Welch, who is currently on a boat. Tune in, and tell us
what you think on Twitter: @IndependentsFBN

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